The Nomad Explained

I called this website The Nomad Superintendent for the simple reason that superintendents in general are nomads.  As a group, we move from school to school in an effort to improve education, help students learn, and provide leadership to a school.  At times, it can be thankless job.  One that isolates you and your family.  It can be a very lonely life but it also can be very rewarding.  As an international head of school, you get to visit places you only read about when growing up.  You get to change the lives in meaningful ways of students, teachers, support staff, and parents.  Nevertheless, at other times, you need to have very frank discussions with people about career choices they have made, poor decisions taken, or personal tragedies that affect their performance at school.  That said in my case the good times outweigh the bad.  Most days are filled with joy and excitement.  Some days you get to mentor a colleague and help them fulfill a lifelong dream, other times you get to celebrate with students life changing events such as being accepted to a premier university, and every day you get to spend with kids at all grade levels and abilities and have the opportunity to watch them grow into productive adults.

With this website and blog, I hope to share with you the joys and challenges that I have faced in a career that spans over 30 years.  I hope you enjoy reading about my adventure.